Environmental Responsibility

Greener Miles Ahead

As a leading logistics solutions provider with a transport fleet of more than 400 trucks and trailers, RichLand is committed to going the distance in the most efficient and environmentally conscious way.

Our in-house developed RichLand Revo Transport Management System (TMS), a route planning software customised to the needs of our business and our clients, ensures optimal fleet utilisation. The dynamic system allows our drivers to identify the optimal route for each delivery, ensuring that we minimize mileage per drop and reduce carbon emissions for each shipment. The system also provides real-time updates to our clients, giving them clarity on the progress of the delivery and offering peace of mind every step of the way. This promotes efficiency in communications between RichLand and our clients whilst also reducing hardcopy paperwork and emissions.

RichLand has a fleet replenishment program to ensure old engine technology is phased out and adoption of greener fleet is a continuous cycle. By meeting more stringent standards, we greatly minimise the emission of CO2 and other gases that have been proven to be harmful to our environment and well-being.

Our people are trained continuously to care for the environment and communities in which we operate, so we can deliver our promises the responsible and efficient way.

Social Responsibility

Working Safe, For You and For Us

At RichLand, we not only care for the environment, we care for our people, our customers, our vendors and our communities. The safety and wellbeing of our employees and communities is of utmost importance to us, hence we are conscious in our efforts to make our business a socially responsible one.

We engage in various ways to help improve several aspects of how we operate and the impact we have. Whether it be orphanage sponsorship in Indonesia or forklift safety refresher courses, we endeavor to behave in a manner which is positive to our stakeholders.

Our trucks are installed with advanced GPS systems and reverse cameras to ensure that our drivers have optimal visibility and control over the vehicle when driving and parking. The speed of each truck is also monitored carefully and continuously to promote safer driving and to reduce the risks of accidents. In addition, our fleet is serviced and maintained on schedule to minimise the risk of malfunctions and to maximise safety on the roads.

Only when our people and communities are well, can we do well.